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Sophie Turner in Oblivion by Bastille

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untapped aesthetic: surrealist jock

a varsity jacket but it has three arms and it’s melting

your football shoulder pads have grass growing out of them and they constantly hum

you shove nerds not into lockers, but into other planes of existence. your football is always singing, singing, singing. the astroturf changes colors beneath you, and whispers the name of every person you’ve ever loved.

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remember when you used to be real secretive about reading smutty fanfiction and making sure you were the only one in the room and now you read that shit at the dinner table like it’s nothing

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10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

reblog this post to honor Enoby’s brave sacrifice, ignore if you’re a prep or a poser

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i don’t mean to brag or anything, but the 7th harry potter book was dedicated to me

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Dylan O’Brien at the Giffoni Film Festival July 21/14

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  "what does puta mean?"


It means companion or best friend :)

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I can’t help him, can’t make him better and I can’t do nothing about his strange weather, ‘cause you are invincible I can’t break through your world ‘cause you live in shades of cool, your heart is unbreakable.

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    Portraits could only mimic their real counterparts, even the headmaster portraits that were specially trained to guide Hogwarts’ future generations. Severus had no such time in his single year as Headmaster—and yet, his portrait seemed real enough to befriend. She first found him in a oft-empty frame by the armor gallery and tried to show Al, but Al said that they already met once, and they didn’t get past introductions and “Your father named you what?
    She bore the old headmaster’s sneers better than her brothers, and he was kinder to her, in his own way. She found that if she brought her Potions homework and sat underneath the frame, he would ridicule her mistakes as she worked but slowly enough for her to correct each of them. In her sixth year, after showing him her O in Potions, he told her where to find his old textbook.
    On her last day of Hogwarts, she knocked next to the frame. Slowly, one of his eyes opened, like a serpent awoken from its slumber.
    “Thank you, Professor.”
    His lip curled upwards. She sensed some pride. “You are welcome. You were an excellent pupil.” H
e paused momentarily. "Miss Potter."
    If her father were listening, he’d have thought it strange, for it would have been the first time that he heard his last name uttered in that voice without disdain.

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THIS WEBSITE provides you with an infinite series of videos with exercises and classes, guy has over A+ 2700 videos 

This is a must for anyone needing a little - or even a lot - of help for mathematics. 

If I ever go back to school I’ll probably need this.

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